Mission and Values



The mission of Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School is to prepare young people for lives of faith, purpose and service.

Committed to the Cristo Rey mission to serve students from communities most in need, our college preparatory curriculum integrates rigorous content with meaningful work experience and faith formation.

Inspired by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady to be living witnesses to the Gospel message, we are committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the fulfillment of each student’s God given potential.


Cristo Rey Baton Rouge graduates are academically, spiritually, and emotionally prepared to face their challenging college courses with confidence and determination to succeed. They have the skills to be self-sufficient and responsible in college and beyond, unbound by external limitations. They know they are loved by their Cristo Rey family and have faith that God has a purpose for their lives. They treat others with respect and have well-formed consciences to help them act with integrity. They are rooted in the Cristo Rey community but are ready to stretch their wings and persevere through college and the next journeys in life. They are eager to succeed in school and career so that they can make a positive contribution in service back to their communities.



Cristo Rey Baton Rouge is a community of faith, formed in the Catholic tradition and in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi, that fosters spiritual development and helps students come to know the love of God.


Members of the Cristo Rey Baton Rouge community work intentionally to become men and women of purpose, focusing our actions and words on fulfilling our mission and achieving our goals for the future.     


Cristo Rey Baton Rouge community members strive to serve all those around them, with an attitude of selflessness, kindness and gratitude.


Cristo Rey Baton Rouge is a community built on respect, committed to acknowledging and honoring the good in others and ourselves in all that we say and do.


Members of the Cristo Rey Baton Rouge community carry themselves with integrity, seeking to be women and men of our word through honest and sincere interactions with others.


Members of the Cristo Rey Baton Rouge community demonstrate responsibility for their own actions and performance by exhibiting self-control and self-discipline, following through and giving attention to detail, and abiding by the systems of accountability set in place.


Cristo Rey Baton Rouge empowers its members to work hard and persevere through challenges with positivity and resourcefulness on their life journeys.